Hi! My name is Sapphire! I am a twenty-three year old artist (they/them) who recently graduated with a degree in Animation. Feel free to look at my commission prices and portfolio below. Thank you for visiting!

Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning me
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Things I Will DrawFurries
Simple mecha

Things I Won't DrawNsfw* (blood is fine)
*this includes "nonsexual kinks" and fetishes
Bigoted or hurtful content
Body horror
Complicated Mecha


One character. Works best as icons for social media,, and similar sites.Unshaded: $25USD
Shaded: $35USD

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Comes with a solid colored or transparent background. Additional characters increase the cost by 50% of the base price per extra character.
Unshaded: $45USD
Shaded: $65USD

OC belongs to me


One character. You will be provided with a cropped version and a 100x100 square version. Always shaded. Works nicely on profiles and blogs.$25USD

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OC belongs to me

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Simple looping animationed icons. Square sized at 500x500, can be resized to your liking. DM for a quote. Solid colored background or transparent backgrounds available. Prices start at 55$ and will go up depending on the complexity of your design and what you want me to animate.

OC belongs to otterrfall

Wiggly Chibis

One character per order. Wiggly.
Warning: complicated designs are subject to simplification.
$7 USD
Pay through ko-fi

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One character per order.
Warning: complicated designs are subject to simplification. Choose between sized at 500x500 or cropped to fit.
$10 USD

Terms of Service

The TOS are subject to change without notice. Upon payment, you agree to these terms.1. PRICES
All prices listed on this site are in USD (American dollar) and are starting prices. They are subject to change depending on the complexity and size that the commissioner requests.
Contact me via Twitter DMs, via email at [email protected], my Telegram @chamochomps, or on my Discord, chamochomps if you are interested in a commission. I reserve to right to decline any service without explanation. Upon completion, the piece is yours and you may do with it as you please, and are granted a license to use it. You are not purchasing a physical good.
All prices are in USD (American dollars) and I will send you an invoice via Paypal. I ask that you please pay within 48hours upon receiving the invoice. If I do not receive payment within that window, the service will be cancelled. I do not deal in cryptocurrency and will not accept commissions from blockchain users or NFT owners. I do not consent to my art being used to train AI.
Due to the nature of the work I do as well as my disabilities, I cannot guarantee a specific time frame in which you will receive your finished piece. However, feel free to contact me at any time to ask for updates. I will also provide you with works in progress during each stage of the drawing (initial sketch, linework, colors, rendering) so that any changes the commissioner requests can be honored. I will apply a 25% rush fee to a commission if you require it within 7 days of payment. You will then be bumped to the top of the queue, and it will take priority above all other commissions.
If requested for a refund, the commissioner will be refunded based on the amount of the commission that has been completed thus far. This is up to my and the commissioner's discretion and will be discussed before finalized. Refunds are completed through Paypal.